Massage & Pain Management in Odense

Are you experiencing pain? Then with pain treatments, you can relieve your blemishes with treatments here at Klinik Bodywork. You may want to try a massage if you have pain in your body, such as pain in the shoulders, back, neck or lower back.

At Klinik Bodywork, you can get help from an experienced masseuse to relieve a wide range of pain and muscle tension in the body. Via physical massage in calm and relaxing surroundings, you can reduce the stress level and experience more energy with increased well-being and freedom of movement. A skilled masseuse can make your body relax where you are tense and show you exercises if you have muscular imbalances. Would you like to try the effect of such a classic bodywork massage in Odense?

You are very welcome to call to make an appointment if you need a masseuse to treat a specific problem.



Treatments for headaches or neck pain

You know it well. The voltages in some of your approx. 20 neck muscles are gained during the day. Or maybe you have been going with these tensions for several days, without noticing that the body is actually tensing up?

Oh no! -It sets in as a headache, which can be very annoying! Wouldn't it be fantastic to meet someone who has spent over 20 years trying to get stubborn necks to calm down? In addition to giving you a neck and scalp massage, at Klinik Bodywork I try to find out what is causing your headache, so that you can wave goodbye to it, or find out what might be required for long-term prevention. (It can be different for headaches, which effort must be made to make this headache disappear).

Try our easy online booking, where you can for example choose between "Massage & Bodywork" or "Students neck". Book your massage in Odense today!

Treatment of lower back pain or back pain

As a result of one-sided use, sedentary work or inappropriate strain, challenges can arise in the lower back or back, which require pain treatments, as well as exercises or stretching to improve.

Try to loosen up your body by being kneaded well and stretched in ways you may not have tried before. (You can always speak up, - just calm down...). A professional masseuse knows the muscles of the back and especially takes care of those that do not want to cooperate with the rest of the back. With a combination of trigger point treatment, physical massage and muscle tests, imbalances are identified and corrected according to your needs and your physique.

Try the feeling of a pain treatment and just feel your body relax in a more natural way.



Pain management in Odense; headaches, shoulder tension, neck, back/lower back, legs, feet, hands!

The prices for massages at Klinik Bodywork start at NOK 200 for a 25-minute Massage & Bodywork, and include the loan of a freshly washed towel and cover. You can see the various prices and services here on the website or at

Some examples of what the clinic can help with:

  • Shoulder pain and neck pain
  • Pain in the back, lower back, arms, wrist or feet
  • Tension headaches and stress

​You can book an appointment for a relaxing massage in Odense - online here → You can also call9199 8988or write an e-mail . - I look forward to seeing you at the clinic.

At Klinik Bodywork you will experience good service and solid craftsmanship during all treatments.

I can make recommendations for the treatment and massage that I think will give the best/desired result. (Work is being done on causal relationships in relation to pain in general).

Feedback during the treatment itself can optimize the process. As it is important that the treatment feels good for your body, even if you may experience pain.

Ideally, don't wait until the last minute, as it is best to nip pain and tension in the bud, so that you don't suddenly run the risk of being left with long-term and advanced chronic pain.

Remember that you can advantageously combine the efforts of the treatment with your own efforts at home. After all, you still have a responsibility for your own body, while you are guided to a more mobile and pain-free version of your body.

Sincerely, Lone.