A company agreement with Klinik Bodywork requires at least 5 treatments per exit. Driving within a radius of 15 km from the clinic is free of charge. Klinik Bodywork brings mats, towels, oil and a good mood. You provide a suitable room.

Price per treatment is DKK 250 for 25 minutes.

Company agreements are deductible as they serve to prevent health in the workplace

There is both the possibility of a company agreement at the clinic or at the company. And, if desired, full or partial employee payment or joint invoice. (Clinic Bodywork CVR: 21556734).

There is also the option of creating a private company online booking via the clinic's booking system, so you don't have to deal with the administration. – At no extra cost.

You can also choose how often I should appear. It can be once a month, every two weeks or only by appointment from time to time. Or for your event, such as a bachelor party, a sporting event, a friend's day, a visit to your swimming pool or something else.

You just need a suitable room where the person lying on the couch can be undisturbed and feel safe. And there must be a suitable temperature.

Otherwise, the clinic takes care of everything - so you/your employees can simply relax completely!

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Muscle-work / classic sports massage,
also called physical massage.
The massage can include passive / active stretching
exercises and joint mobilizations.